During Covid-19, all staff will be providing remote therapy

Dr. Nefertiti Nowell, MS PHD NCC LCPC CLC

Seeking help is a powerful step to improving your quality of life.  Talking to someone about whatever your concerns are is something that almost anyone can benefit from, but many people are afraid to reach out.  If you are considering therapy or coaching, I applaud you, and I really do want to help you find what you need to feel POWERFUL and help you develop the tools to have peace in your life.

I enjoy working with diverse clients, and have treated patients on the inpatient as well as outpatient basis.  I began providing therapy in 1996, and  have worked full time in several local hospitals before deciding to work full time in outpatient private practice.  Though I work with many populations, I enjoy helping individuals with issues of trauma as well as working with couples.  I work with all age ranges and have helped clients with a range of diagnosis.    I use a variety of  techniques, including but not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and EMDR.  I am also a Certified Hypnotist, a trained mediator and Certified Life Coach.

Darren Nowell, MSEE CLC

Darren Nowell has over 20 years of corporate and career/resume consulting experience.  Over the years he has worked with several Fortune 500 companies and reviewed hundreds of resumes as a hiring manager.  Mr. Nowell has a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and is a Certified Life Coach.

Jasmin Walker, MA LCPC

Ms. Jasmin R. Walker is a Licensed Clinical Therapist (M.A. LCPC), who specializes in therapeutic services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and is fluent in American Sign Language.  She has a combined 15 years of experience counseling children with Autism and the Deaf population.  Ms. Walker takes a holistic approach to therapy, believing that all parts effect the whole and has had a measured success in the field of Psychology.  She has presented at seminars across Illinois informing others about services for specialized populations in the clinical setting.  Ms. Walker is a graduate of The Adler School of Professional Psychology and has worked for the Adler Institute on Social Exclusion as a workshop presenter; here she educated others on the culture of systemic denial of equitable opportunities for all which has created an environment of exclusion of those normed outside the status quo.  As a form of relaxation, Ms. Walker enjoys the Art of Bonsai and is an active member of the Midwest Bonsai Society.

Angela Jordan, MSW LCSW

Angela Jordan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in therapeutic services for adolescents and adults. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (AB) from Dartmouth College and a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW) from Loyola University of Chicago. She has 24 years of combined experience in school, hospital, outpatient and residential settings. She specializes in the treatment of the chronically mentally ill via symptom and medication management as well as the strengthening of interpersonal relationships and improving family dynamics. In addition to her practice at Nowell and Associates she is also a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Director at an adult residential facility in Chicago’s North Shore Area.

Jennifer K. Ferris, LCSW

My main objective is to help clients feel like they are the center of initiative in their own lives:  not just reacting to all that impinges upon them, not just doing what other people want them to do all the time and not just feeling at peace when they are all alone.  Instead, clients can become the center of their own connections.  Since obtaining my Master’s from The University of Chicago in 2006, I have been providing traditional psychotherapy, as well as, utilizing behavioral techniques including CBT and DBT to make sure clients meet their desired outcome goals.  This can be done through individual, couples, family, group and mediation sessions to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, anger management, social phobias, self-injury, eating disorders, substance use, medical illness and more.  I also value working with diverse populations of all ages.  I think pets and animals can also help speed recovery while providing necessary comfort and companionship.  Currently, I have three dogs that I love to pet, walk, train and just spend time with.  I am committed to helping clients be the change they want to see in their lives.  It is a challenge to see yourself differently; here you can.

Julie Berg-Einhorn, LCSW, CADC

I feel passionate in the work I do with individuals, couples and families as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Licensed Marital and Family Therapist and a Certified Addiction Counselor. I view my work with clients as a partnership. We each bring expertise to the work we do together: I, through my many years of practice experience and education as a clinician and yours through unique individual life experience. We can achieve the goals you set for yourself as we work through the topics that have kept you from moving forward in a positive direction. My style is supportive yet will challenge you to look deeper at the issues that have been identified with oneself, relationships and/or in your career path. Life is a journey with many twists and turns that sometimes can hold us back from getting where we would like to be in our life. I welcome beginning this exploration together.

As for my background, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Iowa, my Master’s degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University and my post graduate certificate in couple and family work from the Family Institute/Northwestern University.

I believe in work-life balance, so when I am not working I am either reading, tending to my family, or playing hockey.

Dr. Darrell Troupe Sr. MD

Welcome to the staff of Nowell and Association Counseling Firm ™, Darrell Troupe Sr. MD, a psychiatrist working with many communities for over thirty-five years, that believes the best doctors allow themselves to learn something from their patients, colleagues and family members. Dr. Troupe affirms whether directly or indirectly living with a mental illness or condition education and proper treatment may extend one’s perceived limitations. To achieve a mutual goal, the patient, their family, clinician and psychiatrist work together to combine compassion, education and medication to address the chemical, biological, emotional, psychological, and social imbalances of mental illness. Dr. Troupe’s professional goal is to offer every patient safe, effective medical treatment in coordination with the care of a compassionate therapist and Nowell and Associates.

Rayeshundra Henderson LCPC

In life, there’s not always a “right place, right time” but rather a “I’m making this the right place and time.” Life is all about decisions good or bad, but how you deal with the outcome is up to you. For the last 10 + years, I’ve worked with teens from various backgrounds helping to transform their current situation by providing the outlet they could not find in many places. I received my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

In my personal life, I’ve provided the light and guidance that many people need to think clearly about their situation and make the next step. Light tends to lead the way, and that path is on the other side of your next decision.

Carolyn Mullas, LCPC

What is the greatest thing about being human? We all have the ability to feel intense emotions! What is the worst part of being human? We all have the ability to feel intense emotions!

At our best moments, we feel love, joy, peace, and harmony in our lives. We are our best selves. At our worst moments, we feel pain, loneliness, and depression.

It is hard to be our best in those moments. For me, being able to travel along in all those moments with another person is a gift. I have been working with children and families for 30 years. They come to me at their worst moments, and I have had the pleasure of seeing them move from those bad moments to heal from them and find their path forward.

I have a Masters in Counseling from Indiana University and am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Most of my work focuses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, using a Trauma-Focused approach. I am an experienced Play Therapist with ages 2-12 and with CBT with adolescents. My primary goal is to accept everyone where they are when they first meet me and show them that therapy is about that person and their goals.


Monica Conway, RN NP

Ms. Monica Conway is a Nurse Practitioner  who has a wide range of clinical experience in nursing with a combined total of 10 years.  Ms. Conway received her Masters degree from Kentucky Christian University. Monica is a double board certified Family Nurse Practitioner (ANCC and AANP) and licensed in Illinois. Monica works closely with Dr. Troupe and is passionate about providing compassionate and quality services to her patients. As an NP, Monica’s role is multifaceted, including advocating, educating and empowering patients to effectively manage their health.

Danielle Diliberto, LCSW

Danielle Diliberto is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked as a school social worker for the past nine years. She started her career working at a therapeutic day school with students ranging in ages from three to twenty-two, and who were diagnosed with a comorbidity of diagnoses (e.g., developmental/intellectual disabilities, autism, history of trauma, Down Syndrome, anxiety, and depression). In addition to working at Nowell & Associates, Dani works at a public middle school in the south suburbs where she works with students in sixth through eighth grade. Dani services students who are experiencing anxiety, depression, school refusal, trauma, autism, and a variety of other reasons. Dani collaborates closely with several stakeholders to ensure that the best possible services and supports are being implemented for students across the school setting. During Dani’s free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and traveling.



Kim Kali-Schultes LCSW

I am grateful to engage with others in the life changing and healing work of therapy. It is in healing our wounds, and breaking old patterns that we learn to embrace who we are. I believe every single person has the capacity to heal and it would be my honor to work with you to unlock your natural strength and resilience. Together, we can find your way home to yourself.

I work with adults and my primary focus is on relationships, trauma, codependency, divorce & life transitions, family of origin issues, mindfulness, spirituality, and shame resiliency.

My 25 years of experience includes working with diverse populations and organizations, to include federal and state governments, hospitals, schools, non-profits and community agencies.

I am certified as a Relational Life Therapist (RLT) in working with couples. I am a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF), based on the research of Brene Brown. This approach gives language to the universal, and often unspeakable experience of shame with tools for moving through these stuck places.